Deep Learning

CVRecon: Rethinking 3D Geometric Feature Learning For Neural Reconstruction

**[Arxiv]** Recent advances in neural reconstruction using posed image sequences have made remarkable progress. However, due to the lack of depth information, existing volumetric-based techniques simply duplicate 2D image features of the object …

Disentangling Object Motion and Occlusion for Unsupervised Multi-frame Monocular Depth

**[ECCV 2022]** Solve the dynamic object problem in multi-frame monocular depth prediction.

Advancing Self-supervised Monocular Depth Learning with Sparse LiDAR

**[CoRL 2021]** Use sparse LiDAR to improve depth prediction

PSE-Match: A Viewpoint-Free Place Recognition Method With Parallel Semantic Embedding

**[IEEE T-ITS 2021]** A viewpoint invariant point cloud global localization descriptor.

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